Cost Reduction
JABA IT Ltd. offers you one thired cost reduction keeping quality intact.
JABA IT Ltd. practices cutting edge technology in every sector.
We respons immediately to partners' (clients') request.
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. JABA IT Ltd. is one of the smooth growing companies in Bangladesh IT Industry. The management of the company is well educated, dynamic and has long term vision.
. JABA IT Ltd. is a sister concern of ITA Inc. Japan (www.ita.co.jp) , a software development and consultancy company with the latest technology.
. JABA IT Ltd.ís technical team is led by senior technical leaders of ITA Inc., Japan.
. JABA IT Ltd. developers have extensive experience in working in Government sectors.
. All of our members are from public universities so that we can ensure best potential talent of this country.
. JABA IT Ltd. along with ITA Inc. has long working experiences in security assurance and mobile interfacing.