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  • Bijindokei (iphone)
  • Biological Clock (iphone)
  • Marketting Tools (ipad)
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  • School Automation System
  • Web Based Tender & Live Auction System
  • Web Based ERP
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  • Hospital Management System
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  • Online Shopping cart
  • E-Education
  • Pronunciation Flash Card System
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    JABA IT Ltd. is pleased to introduce few products as follows. Basic Modules are already developed and, it can be customized according to the client's requirement. We have also other basic modules already developed. So, we are able to meet the quick demand of our clients if it is in our capacity.

    Online School Automation System (Web Apps, E-Education, Custom Software)
    This is an online School Management System supporting all the necessary work-flows on line. All the users ( student, teacher, management staff, parents ) can log on to the system from anywhere on internet and can play their respective
    roles. Permission on user basis, Student Management, Curriculum Management, Auto Routine Generation, Auto Invoice Generation, Special Concession Methodology RFID ( Radio Frequency Identification) based attendance system, HR, Online Recruiting, Online Test& Marking, Evaluation Management etc. are the key functionalities of this system. This is furnished with other functionalities and is dynamic in configuration and in use, according to the clients' requirements. Our system has been in service in many schools in Japan. Schools in Bangladesh have also started to deploy this system.
    Digital Display System (Custome Software)
    This is an internet-based Digital Display System with the key functionalities like, Contents on Schedule, Display Selection Mode, Individual & Corporate interactions. Both online & offline modes are available. This system can be used for advertisement, office management, Govt. Sectors, School, Hospital etc. This can be customized according to the client`s requirements.
    Web Based Tender & Live Auction System (Web Apps, Custom Software, E- Commerce)
    This is an Online Tender Auction and Online Live Auction for Vehicles, where the registered users can bit for a vehicle from anywhere in the world. Wallet Management, User Specific Roles, hierarchical client concepts, auto decision from
    the system for selecting the winner on so many different logics, etc. are the key functionalities of this system. This is customizable for other products and is extensible according to the client requirements.
    Online Shopping Cart (E-Commerce)
    The Basic online Shopping cart system can be customized for the clients. Online Inventory Management, credit card transaction, wire transaction or bank/postal transaction can be integrated with this system. Both the B-B and B-E user based configuration are available in the system. Other Value-Adds are easy and quick
    management, easy customization, auto chain management among all the workflow and so many. Cheap hosting service from Japan based Data Center is also available to ensure the secured and quick after-support for this service.
    Pronunciation Flash Card System(E-Education)
    It can be used in school, university or any language school to improve the skill of Pronunciation without wasting much time on it. Time for both the teachers and the students can be effectively used. And, the students can gain the best possible level of pronunciation like the native speakers.
    Web Based Factory Management System & ERP Solution(CRM, SFM , Accounting included).
    This is an online Factory Management System which can be deployed for the total Supply Chain Management ( SCM) that covers the Raw Materials and Suppliers with different options, Manufacturing Process, System Loss/Gain, Quality Control
    Management, Workers Attendance, Inventory Management, HR, Accounting,Routine Based Maintenance Management, etc. System is developed with the options of different settings which ensures the maximum adaptation with the clients·business requirements. Again the Generic Modules can easily be customized according to the needs of the clients. This is also furnished with Sales Force Management (SFM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Forecasting Recommendation for the Administration to take decision in advance. Both the Desk Top Applicaion and Web Based Applications can be provided according to the clients' desire. Dynamic Report Generation Process gives the clients to make the reports according to their requirements.
    Allmighty trader (E - Commerce)
    Almighty trader.com is a B2B and B2C trading platform which is represented in over 34 countries, with head office in Australia.
    JABA PayRoll System (Custom Software)
    It is the PayRoll system is composed with employee information management, attendance, leave management, complete PayRoll processing, security and reporting modules, with a motive to manage employee, compute, certify (audit) and create employee pay and disburse money.
    Our iphone, ipad apps
    . Bijindokei
    . Marketting Tools
    . Biological Clock
    Training Database for PRP
    This is Database software for Police Reform Programme (PRP). By this system PRP Authority can manage all Training that provided to Police, NGO personnel and others. By this software PRP authority will get total information by the single (mouse) click like date wise (Daily, Monthly, Quarterly, Half-yearly and yearly) number of trainees received services from PRP by the extensive reporting system.
    Database for Victim Support Centre
    The main purpose of this system is to develop Computerized Database for Victim Support Centre (VSC). By this system VSC authority will make their entry of victim’s personnel information, history of victimization, accused or suspect information very easily with no error, authority can maintain/control their regular information time to time through Database Software, they will get total information by the single (mouse) click like date wise (Daily, Monthly, Quarterly, Half-yearly and Yearly) number of victims received services from VSC by the extensive reporting system.
    Paperless Office Management Software for Ocean Group
    The main purpose of this system is to develop a system by which Management can perform their daily task without any paper work. This system covers Financial Accounting Management, CRM, Sales, Marketing & Sales Force Management, Supply Chain Management, Human Resource Management, Payroll Management, Project Management & Engineering, Task Management, Office Document Archive Management, Electronic File Movement Management, Digital/Electronic Signing Authority Management, Document Locator Management, and Management Information System.
    Online Game Portal
    This system is developed based on Japan, Vietnam and Thailand. It is a game portal platform for Android Application in which one can upload a game/Application to this system. One the other hand another can download game/Application to his Android supported device.
    SMS - CMS, Mobile based schedule system, betting system and, other custom software according to our clients' demand.