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1. Envisage (User Requirements)
In this phase we concentrate on understanding the business requirements. We do this in 3 ways:
. Workshops
. One-on-one interviews
. Analysis of your current systems

Key areas that we concentrate on include:
. Critical Business Issues The issues that are most important to run the business
. Criteria for Success of the Project The metrics by which we can measure the success of the project
. Business processes

The major deliverable of this phase is the User Requirements Documents, which form the blueprint of the system. We also finalize the project plan and firm up costs during this phase.
In this phase we also get an understanding of the technical environment and we make planning of the technical installations. This planning is developed considering the both [on-site environment] and [development environment]. We also make decisions in re development of tools and environment in this phase.

We complete the following tasks in this phase:
. Requirement Analysis Document
. Technical Infrastructure Document

2. Design Solution
In this phase we form a solution for the client. The basis of this is a document explaining how we will build the system. The document will include Screenshots of all pertinent screens and behaviour of each field, as well overall behaviour of the system.

Followings are used to reach this position:
. Workshop / JAD sessions
. Prototype demonstrations of solution to Key Business Issues
. Internal JAD Systems testing the solution design
The major deliverable of this phase is the Design document, which explains how we are going to implement the system. We finalise costs and make the necessary software purchases at the conclusion of this phase.

3. Develop Solution
In this phase we develop the solution. The solution development progress is closely monitored with experienced users working along the development team ensuring adherence to the Design and the overall look and feel of the solution.
Testing is a major component of the development cycle. As each component is completed it is thoroughly tested and feedback is given to the development team; only once this cycle is completed, is the component added to the go-live build.
Dynamics GP is installed, configured and readied for use during this phase (Where Applicable). Integration to Dynamics GP is included in this phase.

Deliverables for this Phase Include:
. First working copy of the Solution
. Updated Design Document

4. Deploy Solution
The First major task of this phase is the integrated testing of the solution. This is performed against pre-defined business scenarios, and is completed by internal testers and then business users.
Training documents are completed in the phase and training of the users are completed.
Once the users are training and the system testing has been signed off, the system is loaded and we GO-LIVE.

The following steps are followed:
. Finalise the servers
. Move the system from Test to Live
. Back-Up the system
. Final Test
. Restore Back-Up
. Ready the users

Deliverables included in this Phase are:
. Testing Document
. Training Documents
. Working System

5. Support Solution
The initial stages of using a new system are always daunting, and we make ourselves available to resolve any issues (such as mentioned below) quickly and effectively.
. List the Issues clearly
. Fix the problem on the business layer to allow business to continue
. Fix the cause of the problem off-site, following strict change control procedures.

Deliverables included in this Phase are:
. Cleared Issue List
. Finalized Reports
. Complete Working System